About Fida

farkhanda_khanFarkhanda Khan Fida a visionary artist – recognizing the Divine Design within the fabric of reality, uses art as a direct expression of the inner realities from her experience through introspection, contemplation, and meditation.This woman’s full name being Farkhanda Khan or affectionately known as FIDA. Born in Kalinger in U.P., has always been intrigued by the origin of the creation. After a peaceful childhood, nurtured by loving parents, she pursued schooling from the Schools of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.In 1988 she moved to the famous Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh to study art and completed her MFA in 1994. She was awarded Gold Medal in MFA, which mirrors her intelligence. While studying in Aligarh she was drawn to Sufism, which is a mode of spirituality and mystical in its approach.
Sufism laid more emphasis on the parts dealing with virtue and spirituality, rather than rituals. In India Sufism is similar in its approach to the Upanishad Philosophy of the Hindus. Sufism helped form bridges between Muslims and other religious communities and promote a spirit of secular humanism. Thus, the Sufis helped cement ties between the Hindus and the Muslims of India. A similar message is the need of the hour.

Followers of Sufism generally use unconventional but beautiful methods to spread their message. Most common methods are music, poetry etc. while Farkhanda Khan gives this message through one of the most unique way i.e. through beautiful colors on canvas. Her mode of spreading message of peace and brotherhood is not only one of its kind but also very heart touching. As this life and Universe is full of different colors, in the same way every single painting of hers, and every color used in each painting spreads this message in different colorful ways. Her method of spreading spirituality is instant and don’t require any word or explanation to understand it. The connection between your eyes and heart is all that is required to understand it. There is no barrier of words or explanation about her paintings or rather her soothing message of brotherhood, peace and Sufism. She is a born painter and her first teacher was her father. She loves to paint and draw images infused with deep mystical meanings. All her paintings have a child like innocent quality. She often uses her paintings to explain inner realities and teachings of truth. According to her, “Art by nature is a reflection of light, order, beauty, mystery, meaning and oneness. To the extent that we have the inner Eye of wisdom to see, the art becomes a lens through which we know ever more clearly”. She is always artistic by nature and been sensitive to Sufism and to the higher aspect of beauty in all its forms. She always found it easier to express feelings and philosophies through the vibrations of colors and forms.

Farkhanda Khan has exhibited her spiritual paintings in all over India and overseas. She is the recipient of various awards for her excellence in artistic endeavor. Her style is bold, colorful and expressionistic, capturing the essence of the subject matter and producing for the viewers a magical journey.